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reminds of armed with wings

Sorry, I don't know how to use a keyboard for operation 


what are the keyboard controls?

jump is space 

walking is arrow keys

but atack doesn't work

this seem like the game Armed With Wings i like it

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so with the one that allows keyboard controls well the space bar feels very uncomfortable to use you probably used Input.GetAxis ("Jump"); you can change the key to something else in project settings

also adding custom controls would help a lot but its appearantly  a lot easier with a built in unity plugin cant help you much with since ive given up on my games before i could learn it 


How to I enable keyboard controls? Only x button works


bro idk how to use key LOL 
its press x but not happen how can I attack , what do I have to press pls answer T-T

it says it's required to use a xbox controller

if you download the .rar you get keyboard though there pretty weird

Fun game , will definitely play again . 

Can i stream this game on twitch?

Yep go ahead!

This is one of the best games I've played in a while. I just LOVE this style. If you're ever making a sequel or expanded edition, I'd love to see it.

Cool! but why does it delete itself when it doesnt respond, this is my 3rd download lmao

How can a game delete itself like that ain't possible did you get your pc from hell or sum

the same happens to me rn lol

its probably avast being an asshole and deleting the files

oof avast change antivirus XD like download malwarebytes its way more efficient but do whatever you want im just saying

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good movement

Just wanted to say this game is awesome!

nice job. But the power of teleportation is bug,when i use it, i cross the wall and i get stuck. otherwise the animations are cool, the gameplay nervous. Continuous

damn bro. this is one of the best indie games i've played in 2020 the movement and character/enemy design a on point and all fit together to really give a sense of a wider world dispite the lack of any exposition. 10/10 i would love to see a list of games that insired the development of this one.

Glad you enjoyed ! if you want a list of games who inspired us Katana Zero, hollow knight and Scourgebringer greatly inspired us in terms of gameplay and quality  of the feedbacks.

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ah a man of quality 

Doesn't work on mac although it says so :(

Ha sorry i fixed it, we'll consider making it available for mac in the future 


I am so glad I found this. Well done on fantastic movement and combat

Thank you ! we are really proud of our character controller i'm glad you enjoyed it !


this is really inspiring for a fellow gamdev like me!!!

here is my run no boss damage i took would like see side step maybe i did enjoy mix of messenger and katana zero style gameplay

thank you for the gameplay glad you enjoyed !


Can we play on keyboard? Or it's controller only?


It's controller only for now, the keyboard and ps4 controller support are in Work in progress for now

Ok thanks ^^

amazing gam dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay

Thanks for the gameplay ! we're you playing with a ps4 controller ? or an xbox controller ? in the future we will have to make a fix for ps4 controller it's not completely supported yet

Yeah i was playing with ps4 controller maybe that was the problem but thank you for watching i hope you liked it :D